Rob Katz

BOP Job Announcements II ? Acumen Fund and GFUSA

Following up on my job announcements post the other day, I hear through Zoo Station and New Ventures that there are some other promising opportunities opening up in the BOP realm. Acumen Fund is looking for 10 post-graduate fellows to learn about and help manage their portfolio’s wide range of social investments. The fellowships last for 12 months; an excerpt from the job description (PDF) notes that

Fellows will spend one year working with our team and with local entrepreneurs, gaining intensive experience in price performance, logistics, distribution systems, scaling and innovative technology. Fellows will learn and apply these skills while enjoying an unusual level of responsibility both at Acumen Fund and within our portfolio organizations.

GFUSA, meanwhile, expands on its Village Phone job opportunity and is advertising for a Software Development Manager for a new open-source microfinance platform currently in development. Zoo Station reports that

GFUSA’s Technology Center is the process of developing Microfinance Open Source (MIFOS) to launch in late 2006. A global, industry-wide initiative, Mifos is a unique management information software system designed for MFIs…We are looking for a seasoned software professional with proven experience shipping software, developing well-architected systems, and managing development teams to oversee the continuation of this development effort.

Thanks to Reuben at Zoo Station and Virginia at New Ventures for giving me the heads up on these two new jobs.