2nd Edition Of International Public Health Conference: Public Health 2023

Magnus Group is proud to host its Hybrid Event “2nd Edition of International Public Health Conference” (IPHC 2023) to be held in Singapore during March 16-18, 2023.

Spanning over three days this consortium will be focused around the theme “Restraining Pandemics Through Exploration of Trends and Public Health Challenges.”

The world is in a challenging time. The recent pandemic has given us many good lessons and sharing these experiences from throughout the globe will help us control these outbreaks in the future. Such conferences give individuals an immense opportunity to benefit from the experience of public health leaders, with their revitalised interest in public health. This global summit is being organised at a key juncture when the worldwide scientific and political community is waking up to the need to build the infrastructure of public health around the world, particularly in developing countries which have a huge susceptible population and limited resources. Public Health 2023 brings together a wide range of research and case studies, in parallel sessions, allowing several possibilities for networking and collaboration. Join us at Public Health 2023 to witness the latest trends and issues on the ground at this major conference on public health.

Photo courtesy of World Trade Organization.

Location: Singapore & Virtual

Dates: March 16, 2023 - March 18, 2023