35th AGUASAN Workshop

The focus of next year’s AGUASAN Workshop will be on the service providers that take an inclusive business approach and drive the advancement of the HRTWS. We will analyse their motivation, challenges and opportunities and how they can be supported in being more inclusive and financially viable. Because the barriers for upscaling are in many cases beyond the business’ scope, we will adopt a systemic perspective and also discuss the enabling and disabling factors of the HRTWS ecosystem.

We will tackle the topic by looking at practical insights from the field and by working on case studies. The participants constitute the main knowledge resource for the event by bringing in their insights, expertise and topic-related questions. They will be supported by a team of facilitators and interactive formats to share experiences and leave the event with concrete learnings as well as strengthened professional ties. The accompanying announcement outlines the focus and the features of the workshop in more detail.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the online application form by January 31st 2019. If you wish to forward this information to colleagues and partner organisations, please feel free to do so. Since we need to limit the number of participants to optimise the working environment, the applications will undergo a selection procedure. A well-balanced mix of participants – regarding their expertise, gender, their thematic, organisational and geographic backgrounds – is aimed at, whilst ensuring that communication in English can be achieved. Six junior water professionals that are leading inclusive business approaches for the promotion of the HRTWS will be sponsored to participate in the AGUASAN Workshop. Please also forward the call for case studies to potential junior water professionals or relevant networks.

Location: Spiez, Switzerland

Dates: May 13, 2019 - May 17, 2019