3rd Annual Boulder Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP)

The 3rd edition of the Boulder RAFP in English will be held alongside the English and French language Boulder MFT program in Turin, Italy from July 17th to August 4th, 2017.

The 2017 Boulder RAFP will offer 12 elective courses to choose from delivered by the Boulder Faculty, a diverse group of world-renowned experts, covering a broad range of topics and viewpoints. The program will also feature The Boulder Rural and Agricultural Finance Master Class, a dynamic roundtable event designed and led by Panos Varangis (World Bank), Massimo Pera (FAO) and Emilio Hernandez (CGAP) that brings together over 10 world renowned experts in Rural and Agricultural Finance to discuss financial inclusion in rural settings from a holistic point of view. Each morning, participants take part in this discussion and debate on different aspects of rural and agricultural finance, the lessons learned, and the diversity of approaches.

The Rural and Agricultural Finance Program is a highly specialized program offered for experienced rural and agricultural finance practitioners and institutions. The objective of RAFP is to enable inclusive and efficient food and agricultural systems, as well as promote financial inclusion by strengthening the technical capacity of service providers and those institutions serving rural SMEs and smallholder farmers.

Event Venue:

  • International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITC-ILO), Viale Maestri del Lavoro 10, 10127, Turin, Italy.


  • USD 4,900 (USD 500 non-refundable registration fee and USD 4,400 course fee) and covers courses, coffee breaks, inaugural and graduation dinners, and some extracurricular activities. Participants are responsible for the cost of travel to Turin, accommodations, meals, and incidentals. There are also a variety of weekend day trips arranged by the ITC-ILO that cost in the range of EUR 35 – 90 per trip.

See short video clip from Boulder RAFP 2016

Location: Turin, Italy

Dates: July 17, 2017 - August 4, 2017