8th AFRICAPPP: Public Private Partnership Conference & Showcase

Governments in Africa are trying to meet the constant demand for increasing infrastructure, but cannot fund the projects on their own. Developing partnerships with private-sector entities allows governments to maintain quality services even with budget limitations. Africa’s infrastructure can be improved by both public and private pooling financial resources and expertise to advance infrastructure projects and advance the delivery of basic services.

APPP has been specially designed to showcase investment opportunities and infrastructure development through PPPs. Project sponsors, financiers, multilateral development agencies, public and private sector players and insurance agencies will discuss ways to mobilise PPP projects in Africa, develop bankable projects and review best practice scenarios.

Since its inception in 2009, Africa PPP has become the definite platform for discussing, informing and instigating the successful implementation of PPPs across the continent.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Dates: October 24, 2016 - October 26, 2016