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  • Virtual - 1 Day
    March 28

    Visionary Investing: A Deep Dive into Impact with Adam Bendell

    Visionary Investing: Join us for a compelling in-depth Deep Dive conversation with Adam Bendell, CEO of Toniic, the global impact investing network that empowers investors to advance the frontier of social and environmental change. This session is an exploration into the dynamic world of impact investing, enriched by Bendell’s profound insights shared in a recent interview with Impact Entrepreneur correspondent Catherine Griffin and reflected in his thought-provoking article for IE Magazine.“Impact investors don’t start from a place of what’s in it for me,” Bendell asserts, “but rather, what is the world I envision and how can we get there to create systems better than those we inherited. They come from a profound care for the world, a radical beginning point.” This foundational perspective sets the tone for our dialogue, as we unravel the philosophical and practical layers of impact investing.Our discussion will examine the delicate balance between financial returns and substantial impact achievements, emphasizing the significance of Bendell’s approach that prioritizes systemic improvement over individual gain. We will delve into the criticality and complexities of impact measurement, understanding how rigorous assessment underpins every decision in the pursuit of genuine change. Participants will gain insights into methodologies that guide savvy investment choices, learning to discern opportunities that resonate with both financial acumen and ethical imperatives.Moreover, we will unveil strategic pathways that illuminate how investors can align their portfolios with their most aspirational goals for global betterment. This conversation is not just about the ‘how’ of impact investing; it’s a profound look at the ‘why’ that motivates each decision and investment.

    About Our Deep Dives

    Deep Dives are hour-long Zoom Meetings: Live Q&A Sessions (as opposed to our Zoom Webinars, where the audience is in View-Only Mode) between the author(s) or subjects of a Magazine article and our members. Be sure to read the article in question and come bearing questions!

    Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM ET

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