Accelerating the Accelerators

Why we need to Accelerate Angels

a.k.a. A sustainable business model for a startup accelerator begins by training Angels

There are far more entrepreneurs than Angels. The frustration we share with entrepreneurs in finding sufficient funding can be solved faster, better, and with less effort by creating more Angel investors than by seeking existing Angels.

And… whereas existing Angels write many $25,000 checks and thus are 1%ers, it is possible to teach the new Angels to write $5,000 or $10,000 checks, opening up Angel investing to the 10%ers, opening up access to 10x more potential investors.

To make it easy for every ESO to add an Angel accelerator to your toolkit, The Angel Accelerator is a global cooperative network sharing the content and process to help you set up and operate your own Angel Accelerator, powered by YOUR BRAND.
In this Masterclass, Luni Libes from Fledge will share his experiences operating the first three Angel Accelerators, share lessons learned from nine years of Angel Conferences, and share the details on how you can join the cooperative and create more Angels for your community.
Finally, if that isn’t enough, this is the sustainable business model you’ve been looking for to fund your startup accelerator and to include investments in your startup participants.


As part of the Frontier Incubators workshop, our Program Partners delivered a series of masterclasses on topics relating to incubation and acceleration. These sessions were recorded and are publicly available to help support and strengthen the global accelerator community. Thanks to the generous support of DFAT and the innovationXchange program for developing this rich content!

This year, we are expanding on these digital resources and inviting back some of the original facilitators to lead us in a virtual Masterclass Series which will consist of 90-minute working group sessions on topics related to acceleration such as:

  • Creating and managing your own Angel Accelerator network
  • Best practice for cultivating and maintaining a mentor network virtually
  • How to think about Gender and Power when it comes to selecting and supporting your cohorts
  • How to reduce the disruption of team turnover


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$20 per person per Masterclass

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021