Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2022

Every year, we bring together more than 300 systems-changing social entrepreneurs, young leaders, corporate partners and philanthropists to multiply their social impact. Ashoka’s most important global milestone, the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, is the space for these pioneering changemakers to connect, learn and work together to build a world where everyone is a changemaker and therefore, a world where everyone can thrive.

Decisions, our concept for ACMS´s 5th edition

We live in a historic moment. Constantly faced with new crossroads, we’re trying to address the compounding crises affecting our countries, our communities, and our planet. Forced displacement, conflict, authoritarianism and famine are still present, while democracy is at risk after years of populism and disinformation.

As changemakers concerned about the common good, how do we make decisions — equitable, forward-thinking decisions—in such a volatile, rapidly-changing world?

The fifth edition of the Ashoka Changemaker Summit will be held in the city of Brussels – heart of decision-making in Europe and the world – so we might focus on exactly that: decisions and the complex values and variables that underlie them.

Building on 40 years of working with leading social innovators, we’re bringing together entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas for systemic change and intimate familiarity with on-the-ground realities. And we’re betting on the power of our community: young changemakers, leaders from business and philanthropy, and this year, some of the most pioneering policymakers of the public sphere.

The Brussels Effect

After two years, we’re excited to host an international in-person event again!

Brussels is the heart of Europe’s decision-making processes and has a growing vibrant social innovation ecosystem. It is the ideal space to build bridges between policymakers, innovators and private actors.

Location: Brussels

Dates: November 29, 2022 - November 30, 2022