Automating Learning from Survey Data

Join us for the second part of our “Making Sense of Data” series, where we delve deeper into the world of data. In our previous webinar, we explored the foundations of effective survey design and data collection, including crafting the right questions and using open-ended feedback. What is next? In the not-so-distant past, organizations often needed help with the arduous task of dealing with old surveys. Hours were dedicated to cleaning, transforming, and translating data from these surveys. Open-ended questions often get ignored or used as quotes. If analyzed, it requires significant time and effort. It was challenging, leaving many organizations frustrated and unable to use their data’s potential. Today, we can change this narrative in the era of automation and advanced technology. This webinar will explore the importance of automating these data management tasks and how doing so can be a game-changer for organizations. In “Automating Learning from Survey Data,” we’ll explore the fascinating world of longitudinal data analysis using pre-post surveys and much more. Key highlights will include: 1) 1) Solutions to pre-post survey to learn longitudinal progress. 2) Leveraging unique techniques to link data across time points for insightful analysis. 3) An in-depth exploration of how to automate data collection and insight. 4) Real-world examples showcasing the impact of using data on decision-making. Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your data analysis skills and gain insights into harnessing the power of pre and post-data. Register now to secure your spot!

Location: Virtual

Date: Monday, February 26, 2024