Back to Boulder: Strategic Response to Risk in Microfinance Markets

The field of financial inclusion currently faces a contradiction true for many markets – many clients remain unbanked while many of the market pockets have become oversaturated and highly challenging. Our new Back to Boulder: Strategic Response to Risk in Microfinance Markets program brings leaders from within and outside of the microfinance community, as well as international experts in leadership and change management to provide participants with practical tools, cases, and experiences in the areas of:

  • Risk Governance: Develop strategic responses to risk and crisis that protect the resiliency of your institution.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness: Attract, keep and deepen relationships with clients through a renewed value proposition and successful business models.
  • Financial Exposure: Compete with peers to produce optimal financial outcomes for commercial banks through a computer simulation.


Location: Washington, D.C.

Dates: November 28, 2016 - December 2, 2016