BoP World Convention

BoP 2016 will serve as a knowledge‐sharing platform focusing on solving problems and some significant challenges such as energy, water, sanitation, healthcare, or accessing affordable mobile & digital services. Participants will brainstorm together how by redefining business models, improving existing solutions or create new ones that can sustainably increase profits, productivity and prosperity around the world.

BoP is the foremost‐dedicated action‐led platform that engages business leaders, policy makers, social entrepreneurs, leaders from non‐profit sector, charity foundations and government officials to meet and create concrete solutions to build a sustainable and better world.

By fostering partnerships, providing strategic advice, and driving ground breaking technologies, innovations and ideas toward effective solutions, BoP World Convention 2016 will help to create more promising social enterprises, more business and job opportunities to alleviate poverty, a cleaner environment, and increase access to education, health and housing.

Location: Singapore

Dates: September 20, 2016 - September 22, 2016