Business Fights Poverty: Climate Justice Summit

Climate change is affecting us all, but the most severe impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable people, who contribute least to the causes of the problem. Join the conversation on how business can ensure people are at the centre of climate action.

Existing inequities – due to factors such as gender, race and income – exacerbate the risks to people’s lives and livelihoods. Inequity also affects people’s capacity and opportunity to participate in the transition to a green economy. Climate change is the defining issue of our time. How we respond can protect or undermine the human rights of people around the world.

The Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit 2021 will explore – through three days of online events, and an in-person event in the Green Zone at COP26 in Glasgow, the social and equity dimensions of climate change.

They will bring together leading thinkers and front-line practitioners from around the world to deep-dive into the role that business can play to ensure resilience, equity and opportunity for the most vulnerable people and communities.

Location: Virtual & In-person

Dates: November 3, 2021 - November 5, 2021