CapPlus & ANDE Webinar – Managing Change: A Dialogue

Too often, financial institutions’ well-intentioned efforts to extend services to traditionally underserved markets such as SMEs, women or youth flounder because they underestimate the need for organizational change as well as the challenges of managing it. Many do not sufficiently understand, plan or budget for the organizational re-engineering required to adopt new systems and drive out costs. Organizational change may occur at a superficial level – as on org charts and product listings – but often the underlying assumptions, internal practices and power relationships do not. CapitalPlus Exchange’s CEO Lynn Pikholz and LaMarsh Global’s CEO Rick Rothermel discuss how to manage resistance to change, including cases where it was done exceptionally well. The session covers:

An understanding of change process and how to better manage it
Familiarity with common pitfalls and keys to success
Recommendations on how to incorporate learnings into their own work

Location: Webinar

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016