Cashless Africa

The CashlessAfrica event will comprise three components:

(A) CONFERENCE – The two days of inspiring presentations, interactive sessions and networking opportunities with more than 40 thought leaders covering eight sessions, 24+ hours of advanced content, networking and more than 250+ official delegates. The multi-format conference will feature presentations, panel discussions, demos, networking, and exhibitions.
(B) FINHACKTON – In March 2017, the FinTech community will be invited to collaborate and co-create solutions to compelling financial services challenges across Africa with specific challenges solicited from the market demand-side. Teams will develop market-ready solutions to these problems, and the selected teams will present their solutions at the demo session during the conference.
(C) CASHLESSAFRICA CHAMPION AWARDS – The CashlessAfrica Champion awards will recognize innovative Fintechs, banks, mobile network operators, financial services providers that have been implemented in Africa or elsewhere with the potential of impacting positively on the African continent.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Dates: March 22, 2017 - March 23, 2017