Climate Risk North America 2022

Measure. Validate. Act

Climate change could pose a serious threat to the stability of the US financial system and its ability to sustain the American economy. Already it is impacting—or is anticipated to impact—nearly every facet of the economy. Without urgent action, the effects of climate change could damage the productivity of the economy. This will ultimately undermine its ability to generate employment, income and opportunity.

The Economist‘s Climate Risk US convenes investors, regulators, policymakers, sustainability and finance executives, as well as scientists to discuss the impact that climate-related risks will have on businesses, and how management can respond. The event will examine ways of measuring exposure to physical and transition risk, and how companies can best work together to improve climate disclosure. Our panel of experts and thought leaders will assess the tools and methodologies needed to model climate scenarios, as well as the opportunities that emerge for businesses when transitioning to a low-carbon company.

Over three days, participants will discuss the case for speedy action on climate risk. Day 1 will examine climate-change risk management within financial services.  Day 2 will evaluate the tools and methodologies needed to analyse climate risk. Day 3 will tackle climate mitigation in high-risk sectors.

Location: Virtual

Dates: February 15, 2021 - December 17, 2021