Companies vs. Climate Change

Mission Statement

Companies Vs Climate Change (CvCC) is a media and events company whose mission is to serve as a global forum for companies of all sizes to share best practices for solving climate change with wholly justifiable business value.  CvCC strives to serve as a conduit that will bring companies together to create business driven solutions to the climate crisis.

Certain things call for simplicity. This conference is about three things:

  1. Climate Change
  2. How can companies address climate change?
  3. How can companies collaborate to address climate change?

The B2B Climate Change Conference

CvCC is dedicated to providing a forum for business leaders to connect around Climate Change solutions.  We strive to be an open and straight-forward arena for companies to collaborate and share best practices for being part of the solution to the climate crisis.  Companies Vs Climate Change is not a political organization.  We are merely a platform for promoting joint business cooperation on an international emergency.


Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dates: November 30, 2016 - December 2, 2016