Convergence Blended Finance Training

For the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to succeed more financing must be unlocked. The developing world alone faces an annual investment gap of approximately $2.5 trillion dollars.

With traditional development aid from public and philanthropic sources increasing modestly, blended finance is being looked at as the solution to unlocking capital for the SDGs. By using catalytic capital from public and philanthropic sources, to crowd-in private sector investment in developing countries, blended finance has the potential to result in as much as a ten-fold increase in investment. The SDGs also present a large investment opportunity for the private sector, who can seek attractive returns by investing in well-structured blended finance transactions on the right terms. Based on our data, blended finance has already mobilized over $125 billion of capital towards sustainable development in developing countries.

For blended finance to make a material difference towards the SDGs, diverse stakeholders such as commercial investors, development agencies, impact investors, philanthropic foundations and development finance institutions, must develop a strong understanding of both the theory and practice behind this collaborative approach. As the global network for blended finance, Convergence has unique insights on each stakeholder and the various factors that unlock their participation. In designing this training program, we have leveraged our experience, data, and network to create a practical and actionable blended finance training curriculum.

Location: Washington, DC

Date: Monday, May 13, 2019