Copenhagen Impact Investing Days

Having just celebrated its centennial anniversary, the Copenhagen Business School invites impact investors, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and policymakers to jointly discuss research needs and priorities for inquiry. The event aims to culminate in the formulation of a research agenda that will help understand the effectiveness of impact investing. This in turn is intended to guide investors towards implementing impactful investment strategies.

The discussions during the Copenhagen Impact Investing Days will critically reflect upon current impact investing practices by inquiring into essential topics such as the actual impact of social impact measurement, the need for high quality longitudinal datasets on financial performance, and the role education has to play in sharing effective methods and approaches. Moreover, the Impact Investing Days will include dedicated side events on topics such as best case practices from municipalities providing a good environment for impact investing and social entrepreneurship; and what promise impact investing holds as a tool in developing countries.

Participants in the event will be representatives of financial institutions, philanthropic foundations, policymakers and social enterprises. The Impact Investing Days aim to challenge current practice and to use evidence based research practice to develop better insights into the links between social impact, financial returns, and investment decisions. The conference will offer plenty room for both formal discussions and informal discourse between participants. 

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates: March 12, 2018 - March 14, 2018