Covid-19: How the Dairy Sector Can Support Resilient Food Systems in East Africa

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt countries around the world, food security and livelihoods are at risk, particularly for Africa’s most vulnerable populations. Dairy presents a unique opportunity to address some of the most detrimental effects of COVID 19, while putting East African food systems on a path toward more resilient, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The dairy sector in East Africa provides vital nutrition for both rural households and urban consumers and employs thousands of women and men along the value chain. In this session, representatives from the Global Dairy Platform, Land O’Lakes Venture37, Bain & Company, and the International Livestock Research Institute will discuss COVID-19’s impact on the East African dairy industry, and the importance of dairy in developing resilient food systems that enable Africa to sustainably feed itself. Panelists will share critical actions that must be taken to ensure food security and maintain livelihoods through this crisis. In addition, they will briefly introduce the Global Dairy Platform’s Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA) initiative as an approach for harnessing the power of dairy to drive positive change.

Organizer: The SEEP Network

Time: 10 AM – 11 AM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2020