Cracking the Nut Health Conference

Connexus is pleased to announce the first ever Cracking the Nut Health conference!

What will it take to transform how we design global health interventions and channel investments to build resilient health systems that are responsive to clients and communities? The rapid pace of technological, scientific, socio-demographic change offers opportunities for unheralded achievements in health while also causing unforeseen disruptions that threaten the ability of communities and health systems to adapt and thrive.

To achieve the ambitious targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals, the global community needs smarter and more cost-effective, responsive investments in health that create synergies among people, communities and health systems and promote resilience. Cracking the Nut will bring together diverse global health practitioners and thought leaders to examine how individuals and communities can contribute to building resilient health systems.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Dates: July 18, 2016 - July 19, 2016