Devex @ The UN Food Systems Pre-Summit

This year the United Nations will host the first Food Systems Summit with the goal of uniting multiple sectors and actors around building more equitable and sustainable food systems as part of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A pre-summit is planned in Rome on July 26-28 to galvanize and mobilize new commitments, partnerships, and financing for transforming global food systems.

Over two days of virtual events on July 14 and 15, Devex reporters will dig into what is on the agenda, talk to experts both inside and outside the planning process, and set the stage for what success looks like for the pre-summit and summit to follow.

Topics will include:

• What pre-summit success looks like for various stakeholders including farmers, local consumer groups, and environmental activists.

• How to optimize the pre-summit and summit planning process for practical and inclusive outcomes.

• The role of agribusiness and civil society in these global conversations.

• Nutrition outcomes of the pre-summit in advance of Nutrition for Growth in December.

Note: French and Spanish interpretation and English captioning for this event is available via Zoom

TIME: 10 a.m. ET | 4 p.m. CET

Location: Virtual

Dates: July 14, 2021 - July 15, 2021