Digital Transformation Forum

In November 2018, the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and Accion launched a partnership to transform millions of underserved micro and small businesses around the world and help them participate in, and benefit from, the digital economy.  

Over the past 4 years, more than 10 million people globally have benefitted through our work under this partnership with key partners and stakeholders. From November 15-17, we will gather in London to discuss how we achieved this goal, and the tactics and approaches that enabled us to digitally transform fintech and financial service providers, and the micro and small businesses they serve, at scale.  

On November 15, we will host plenary sessions to reflect on the combined impact of COVID-19 and digital transformation on financial service providers and micro and small businesses, the role of fintechs, and the future of inclusive finance. 

Please join the following live plenary sessions with us on November 15. All times GMT.

Location: London

Dates: November 15, 2022 - November 17, 2022