Don’t Outsource; Build Your Impact Data Capacity.

We are facing global challenges related to social inequalities and environmental risks. That has led to increased initiatives wanting to create change. However, these initiatives need to know the performance of their activities to get clarity on the intended impact and actual results.

Are you struggling and spending months creating actionable impact strategies to understand the change? Or, you have a Theory of Change, but now what?

Validating the Theory of Change, selecting Metrics, framing Outcome questions, and Impact data management are daunting tasks that can NOT be outsourced. However, when an organization becomes self-sufficient in data practices, it can save resources and help you stay compliant.

Today’s impact management challenges are:
1. Outsourced evaluation and impact measurement is expensive and not very useful to you
2. Program managers need to know about navigating multiple frameworks and alignments
3. Developing your impact measurement system is complex and expensive

How can we solve all these challenges? This webinar aims to demonstrate how impactful initiatives can make informed decisions to improve and learn continually.

We will feature the three optimizing modules.
1. Theory of Change:
*Build your impact strategy in hours, not months
*Develop all the data points with the strategy to make them shovel ready

2. Become a data owner:
*Design stakeholder surveys to collect feedback
on products and services
*Connect survey and other data sources

3. Continuously learn from data analytics:
*Develop an impact data dashboard in a fraction of
the time
*Save resources in analytics
*Make informed decisions and external reporting.

See you all soon.
Thank you.

Time: 8:00 AM PT | 11:00 AM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022