EIB Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Since the global economic and financial crisis, the EU has been suffering from low levels of investment. Collective and coordinated efforts at European level are needed to put Europe on the path to an inclusive recovery. The EIB Group (European investment Bank and the European Investment Fund) – often in partnership with the European Commission – is playing a leading role in addressing this issue by developing innovative responses.

The purpose of this seminar is to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to learn about and discuss the advantages, features and suitability of these inclusive finance programmes. Representatives from the EIB Group, as well as beneficiaries and financial intermediaries implementing these programmes, will share their expertise and experience in an interactive format.

The workshop will consist of:

  • A first session dedicated to microfinance and technical assistance;
  • A second session focusing on programmes targeting the development of promising social businesses and favouring access to employment for youth.

This EIB Stakeholder engagement workshop will be particularly useful for NGOs, private organisations and public authorities looking for alternative solutions to the private and public investment shortage. The seminar will take place in English.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: Monday, June 6, 2016