Empowering Women: Toward a More Inclusive and Equitable Economic System

Miller Center has accelerated more than 1,300 social enterprises in more than 100 countries. This wealth of experience gives rise to a belief that social entrepreneurship can serve as a powerful model for boosting women’s economic empowerment—a model that could help mainstream businesses not only serve women better, but also reap significant benefits themselves from engaging with more economically empowered women.

Join us for a panel discussion with Brigit Helms, Executive Director at Miller Center, and co-author of the whitepaper Women’s Economic Empowerment: Toward a More Inclusive and Equitable Economic System. Brigit will lead a conversation with three extraordinary entrepreneurs, exploring how social entrepreneurship is empowering women economically along four distinct dimensions: for women as leaders, as employees, as value chain participants, and as customers.

The featured guests include:

Brigit Helms, Executive Director, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship (Host)
Eka Mesiona, Chief Investment Officer, Cropital
Anya Lim, Co-Founder, Anthill Fabric
Shantanu Pathak, Co-Founder & CEO, CareMother

Time: 10:00 AM PT

Location: Virtual

Date: Friday, April 8, 2022