Enhancing Stewardship for the Safe, Sustainable Use of the Ocean

The ocean’s vast resources remain dangerously exploited and poorly understood. Ocean health continues to deteriorate as a result of climate change, pollution and poor resource management. Humanity’s essential relationship with the ocean is under increasing pressure, and careful stewardship is needed to manage ocean resources safely and sustainably.

As ocean-based industries grow in number and scale, they must find ways to operate that minimise their impact on ocean resources. Ocean engineering connects mankind’s infrastructure requirements with the ocean environment and the protection of people working or travelling on the ocean. This webinar will explore the importance of effective ocean engineering for the safe and sustainable use of marine resources, and will highlight the challenges, risks and opportunities as ocean-based industries continue to expand.

Individuals, private sector and public sector organisations will be key stakeholders in the healthy future of the ocean and should work together to improve stewardship and the safer use of the ocean. How can these “ocean citizens” bring aboard the public and make them a key ally in ensuring the safeguarding of ocean health?

Key talking points:

  • What are the trends and predictions for ocean-based activities and the evolving social views of the state of the ocean?
  • How can ocean engineering and future ocean structures play a part in the safe, sustainable use of the ocean?
  • How can “ocean citizens” raise public awareness and engagement in restoring ocean health?

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021