Environmental Leader Conference

Who Should Attend

CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers:

  • who are responsible for environmental management, sustainability, EHS, energy, cost savings, business value, process improvement, increased productivity and reducing waste

Professors, senior executives and administrators of colleges and universities:

  • Who are interested in learning about and contributing to the discussion what’s happening in the sustainability and energy management markets;
  • Who want to build educational programs and teach the next wave of employees in this vibrant market sector

If That’s You

The Environmental Leader 2016 Conference is all about current and emerging real-world challenges and the practical tools and solutions to help you meet them. What you’ll take away are ready-to-­go solutions that are tangible, replicable, measurable and transferable across multiple industry sectors.

Increase your knowledge by learning from commercial and industrial environment, sustainability, EHS and energy professionals who will share strategies and tools they use to achieve cost savings, reduce waste, increase business value, improve processes, and align and improve resource productivity.

Learn about program structures, tools and products, staffing and budgets, cost sharing, cost ­benefit analysis and inter-departmental collaboration. Better yet, you will walk away from each session with step-­by­-step processes, calculators, guides, new research reports and many more valuable takeaways.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Dates: June 21, 2016 - June 23, 2016