Finance Meets Activism: Panel + Networking + Nibbles

More than ever, we are seeking to make improvements in our communities and the world, while holding businesses accountable for their actions. We act with our ballot, consumer choices and social media. Yet thanks to recent technologies, our personal finances may now prove to be our most powerful weapon to drive change.

San Francisco is at the heart of this fintech + social change revolution, using software to bypass intermediaries and empower our dollars. Will this California trend prove to be the ultimate Wall St. disruptor? Across lending, banking, and investing, attendees will learn from founders at the bleeding edge, with personal finance innovations that are universally accessible and uncompromising in their impact.

The session is also about experiencing this future: through an interactive exercise, networking, learning, and discussion, we’ll come to understand the biggest sources of impact and power in our lives, and walk away with new tools to shape the world.


  1. Introduction & Ice Breaker: Where is Your Impact? – Darrell Jones III, Co Founder, TechEquity Collaborative
  2. Keynote: Unlocking Shareholder Power – Andy Behar, CEO, As You Sow
  3. Group Exercise: Mapping Your Impacts, Imagining the Future – Emma Guttman-Slater, Strategic Communications Director, Beneficial State Bank; Josh Levin, Co Founder, OpenInvest
  4. Panel: Breakthroughs in Personal Finance & Social Change
    1. Jase Wilson, CEO, Neighborly
    2. Cat Berman, CEO, CNote
    3. Josh Levin, CSO, OpenInvest

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2017