Fintech Gaining Currency with the Next Billion

Join us for an exciting dialogue with Sanjay Jain (Partner, Bharat Fund), Gaurav Hinduja (Co-Founder & MD, Capital Float) and Samir Shah (Executive Vice Chair, Dvara Trust). Stay tuned as we announce a fourth panelist!
COVID has brought about significant challenges for India’s financial system. It has also accelerated the digital adoption of financial services by segments that have been traditionally underserved by mainstream players.
We’re going to dive into key trends across products and geographies, challenges around economics and the regulatory action that could transform access for the next billion consumers and small businesses.

Ankur Capital is dedicated to investing in innovative products & technologies that impact the lives of the next billion. With that focus in mind, we have been hosting a series called Ankur Capital Dialogues (ACD) with various thought leaders in the ecosystem. Feel free to access our past sessions here.

Time: 5 pm in Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2020