Foromic 2016

We all know that the only constant is change. In the MIF, staying true to our origins institution dedicated to the development and innovation, we have been asking ourselves how it should evolve Foromic. Over the years, we have been renewed to meet the demand of our audience and incorporating new issues.

In the beginning, Foromic responded to a market need to address issues related to microcredit, microfinance in general and, later, remittances. As these industries were consolidating, the audience invited us to explore new topics, such as programmed savings, crowdfunding, technological tools to support MSMEs, dynamic entrepreneurship, etc. Today, Foromic is in a context where financial inclusion is no longer seen as an end in itself but as a tool, a vehicle to generate economic opportunities and encourage the development of diverse communities.

Foromic wants to maintain its privileged place in the minds and hearts of all who believe in development and we are confident that with passion, leadership and knowledge of the region can overcome any challenge we put forward in the task of improving the lives of millions of citizens. That is why, in response to new areas is exploring the financial industry, the demand for our audience, and in line with the new strategy MIF Foromic will now be the forum which will discuss, deepen and learn about topics Market, Innovation and Capital, giving a wider to the MIC acronym that are part of its name meaning.

We would like to thank the loyal fans of the event who have been with us over the years and invite them to be part of this new chapter in the development and evolution of MIF and Foromic accompanying us in Jamaica, where they can enjoy and try first hand this new “flavor” that now have our traditional and beloved event.

Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dates: October 24, 2016 - October 26, 2016