From Coronavirus to Climate Change With Heather Grady

A recent interview in Bloomberg Green with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s Heather Grady, co-founder of the SDG Philanthropy Forum, notes that “Resilience is emerging as the top financial theme of the new decade.” Grady asserts that, “As we talk about responses to Covid-19, there’s an interesting opportunity for environmentalists and people working on social problems in global supply chains to come together more. A just and resilient economy is what we have to create.”

Few individuals have as rich a global perspective on social impact as Grady, whose career has included leading foundation initiatives at the Rockefeller Foundation, creating the first course on climate change and human rights at Columbia University, and as professor at the China Global Philanthropy Institute. In this virtual fireside chat, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker welcomes Heather Grady to discuss such subjects as:

  • What transformational opportunities exist for societies as they emerge from the Covid lockdown?
  • How does the failure to adequately prepare for a global pandemic illuminate the challenges of addressing other existential crises like systemic inequality, climate change and biodiversity loss?
  • What new operating principles should political, economic and philanthropic leaders be embracing in the “next normal?”
  • How has philanthropy failed to “be the change” it wants to see in the world, and be more effective at creating transformation and resilience?
  • How can impact entrepreneurs and impact investors embody post-Covid resilience in the businesses they create?
  • How can academia better prepare students for a resilient and sustainable future?

Time: 12 PM – 1:15 PM EDT

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020