Harnessing Data Science for Social Transformation in the Context of COVID-19

The crisis of COVID-19 is imposing significant development challenges across multiple socioeconomic dimensions and disrupting the design of the current social system, urging us to embrace new ways of thinking and doing for problem-solving. With the imperative demand for rapid responses, data in the public sector is gradually becoming the new normal in the governments’ decision-making process. Addressing policy questions like physical distancing measures, impact on the labor market, and readiness for reopening the economy with the support of real-time data are the top priorities in many governments.

In spite of the urgency for reaction, fast is not the direction. Questions regarding the ethical and responsible use of data even for the public good are still lacking definitive answers. The potential bias of data representation especially for the vulnerable communities in the society needs to be factored in the decision-making and be addressed with innovative approaches. Embedding a long-term lens with a purpose for future resilience in policy responses and intervention design is important to ensure solutions developed today are sustainable.

We are pleased to invite you to join a webinar with data.org on Harnessing Data Science for Social Transformation in the Context of COVID-19 on Wednesday, July 15, at 6 pm ICT/7 am EST organized by the Regional Innovation Center, UNDP Asia Pacific.

As part of its commitment to building the field of data science for social impact, data.org has launched a $10 million Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge to support and catalyze data science solutions supporting recovery and resilience, especially in the wake of COVID-19. The Challenge is accepting applications by July 17th, 11.59 pm ET.

During the webinar, Katherine Townsend (Chief Operating Officer) will provide additional context on the purpose of the challenge, the selection criteria and how it is meant to spur new data solutiosn in the context of COVID response.

Time: 6 pm in Bangkok

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020