Harvesting Innovation: Biochar Is Igniting A New Path In Climate-Smart Agriculture

Join us on April 16th as we dive into the results and environmental impact of Evoia’s innovations with Stephanie Gable, Commercialization Lead at Evoia, and Jordan Farber, Boundless’ Senior Research Analyst. ____ The future of agriculture has its roots in an age old technique: burning the grounds. The future, however, is called “biochar”, and burning is only part of the solution. Biochar is a charcoal-like material that is created from the carbonization of organic material, without much oxygen. It is hailed as one of the next big thing in climate tech circles, with the potential for capturing as much as 6% of global emissions – in addition to having many agricultural benefits. Evoia is part of a new crop of companies that are developing the technology. Their products are “biostimulants” that significantly increase farmers’ yield in a variety of conditions, while mitigating climate change effects through soil carbon sequestration. Register for the webinar today!

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024