How Can We Ensure Communications Are Human-Centred, Empathetic and Engaging?


Talking and writing about people’s experiences of social issues is important in creating engagement and positive action to tackle the challenges. However, navigating the complexities of communicating with sensitivity and profound respect can be daunting. This online written discussion invites you to join others from around the world in delving into the nuances of sensitively communicating and personalising challenging topics. By sharing your insights, experiences, and examples we will bring together best practices in one place so that we can all benefit from communicating with dignity.

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Moderator: Katie Hyson, Director of Thought Leadership and COO, Business Fights Poverty


  1. Where are the examples of exemplary social impact communications that centrally feature individuals directly affected by the issues at hand?
  2. What strategies can be employed to guarantee the effectiveness human-centred communications aimed at social impact?
  3. How can we better work together to more effectively develop human-centred messages of positive social impact?

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Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024