How MIGNEX Organized Data Collection to Drive High-Quality Data

Surveys helped MIGNEX collect new knowledge on migration, development, and policy across ten countries. Learn how they ensured high-quality data collection in this webinar.

Collecting high-quality and innovative data in a short time period is an ambitious undertaking, especially when you have thousands of young adults from diverse backgrounds to interview.

The MIGNEX project is a survey on migration and development, which sampled more than 13,000 young adults across 26 research areas in ten countries. In our upcoming webinar, MIGNEX’s survey lead, Dr. Jessica Hagen-Zanker, will give an overview of the survey and the extensive preparations to deliver a high-quality survey across varied contexts, as summarized in this handbook chapter.

We will then hear about the delivery of the survey in practice. Dr. Chike Nwangwu, Raphael Mbaegbu, and Sunday Duntoye from NOI Polls will talk about their experiences with the extensive data assurance processes applied by MIGNEX, including many on the SurveyCTO platform. They will talk about the benefits and limitations of the measures applied.

The biggest challenge? Ensuring the data collected is of high quality. That’s where MIGNEX’S data managers play a pivotal role.

On April 20, 2022, we’ll be co-hosting a webinar with MIGNEX to learn about their methods for data collection and quality assurance. We’ll cover the quality assurance measures that MIGNEX’s data managers follow, how they communicate issues that arise during quality checks, specific issues in the data that need to be clarified, and how they use SurveyCTO’s Data Explorer to simplify data management.

MIGNEX is on a mission to understand and explain how migration and development affect each other in complex ways. These new insights could help shape policies that are more coherent, effective, and balanced.

This is an ambitious five-year project, which involves collecting huge amounts of first-hand data. But before this data can be analyzed and used to inform new policies, MIGNEX’s data managers need to verify the survey data collected by fieldworkers.

Join us live on April 20 to learn about MIGNEX’s survey collection process to ensure high-quality data.

You’ll hear how MIGNEX tailored their survey and fine-tuned their data collection processes to ensure accurate results that fairly represent the affected population in each of the 26 research areas selected.

In the webinar, MIGNEX will reveal:

  • What the research project leaders aim to gain from the MIGNEX survey
  • How they prepared for the survey and built a solid quality control workflow
  • The experience of their data managers, including how to enforce their data assurance processes using automated quality checks, the review and correction workflow, and Data Explorer.
  • A bonus resource: MIGNEX’s daily checklist for data managers

Time: 9 AM ET/ 1 PM UTC


Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2022