How Research is Sparking Innovation in Incubators, Accelerators and the Entrepreneurs They Serve

Incubators and accelerators play a critical role in the startup ecosystem by helping entrepreneurs become investment-ready and develop viable businesses. In this must-attend session for accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurs and their funders operating in the Global South, join us to discover how rigorous research fuels innovation in program design, supercharges operational improvements, and attracts more funding to this sector.

In this dynamic session, IKEA Foundation (Netherlands), William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan (WDI, USA) in collaboration with Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC, Kenya) and African Management Institute (AMI, Kenya) will share the following insights:

1. IKEA Foundation’s approach: Learn how evidence-based, stage-gated grantmaking unlocks innovation for accelerators like KCIC.

2. Real-world impact: WDI, KCIC, and AMI demonstrate how targeted research drives continuous program enhancement, transforming entrepreneur outcomes.

3. Dismantling barriers by WDI and KCIC: Discover how we break down colonial research structures, empower local voices, and foster true collaboration and inclusivity for groundbreaking impact measurement.

4. The AMI advantage: See how AMI’s skilled M&E team partners with external researchers to boost program effectiveness using a blend of established methods and cutting-edge insights.

Time: 09:00 AM EDT


Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024