How to Manage “S” in Esg? Racial Equity Through Inclusive Development.

Our economic model is broken.

The business has traditionally focused on shareholder returns and wealth creation, believing that competition and markets will resolve all problems. But unfortunately, this creates massive inequalities that the political system cannot cope with.

Collaboration and an understanding of the purpose of business are a must for the way forward. The pandemic has shed light on the fact that we can only overcome the next phase of challenges by working together. And this is the real purpose of business: to solve problems individuals and societies face.

This webinar will examine how an approach based on collaboration and partnership creates economic development for all.

1) How can you meaningfully engage all of your stakeholders, including employees?

2) How a business can positively affect the cities they call home.

3) How can you create an inclusive approach to economic development?

Sopact warmly invites Eric NeSmith Jr., Economic Impact | The Global Center for Urban Development at Audible, Inc. He will share how Audible, an Amazon subsidiary company, uses an innovative approach to expand its community initiatives to advance equity, racial justice, and economic empowerment that benefits both employees and the community.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity. Join the conversation. Thank you.

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2022