How to Navigate the Charitable Giving Landscape

Which types of causes are people donating more or less to, when are people more likely to give, what factors impact their giving and how are people donating?  Most often, nonprofits that need this data the most face a critical information gap that prevents them from being better at doing good.

In an effort to help bridge this gap for nonprofit organizations, the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth launched its first product offering, Donation Insights.  This publically accessible report and open dataset are based on Mastercard’s anonymized and aggregated transaction data.  It serves as an actionable donation strategy guide that details more than five years of total monthly donations broken into nine NTEE categories.

Join us to learn about U.S. individual charitable giving trends and how your organization can benefit from this offering.  We will take you through a demonstration on how to compare the trends in your data to other nonprofits.

Access Donation Insights here.

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Location: Remote

Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017