How to Promote Gender Equality among Management and Staff in MFIs

The  e-MFP Human Resources Action Group  in collaboration with the  ILO’s Social Finance Programme , is organizing a series of four webinars throughout September and October 2022. We are going to share the results of a survey on HRD practices and discuss the following topics with microfinance practitioners: aligning HRD and business strategy (6 September), supporting managers in their HRD role (22 September) and equal opportunities for women (25 and 26 October).

Following two successful webinars on ‘How to align the HR function and business strategy for organizational success’ ( in English ) and ‘Supporting managers in their HRD role’ ( in English and in Spanish ), the e-MFP HR Action Group brings you voices from the field to discuss ‘How to Promote Gender Equality among Management and Staff in MFIs’, a priority topic surfaced by practitioners during the survey of almost 200 FSPs in 2021 on their current strengths and areas of opportunity in human resources management and development.

During this webinar, representatives from two organizations will share their experience on how to identify and overcome barriers to gender equality in financial institutions. Dr. Susana Martinez-Restrepo is an expert in women’s economic empowerment and co-founder and CEO of CoreWoman, an organization that works to close gender gaps through applied research, women’s capacity building, and training. Friendship Bridge is a microfinance institution in Guatemala dedicated to empowering Guatemalan women to build a better life, including both staff and clients. This year Friendship Bridge is the recipient of the Great Place to Work for Women award for Central America.

Moderator: Cara S. Forster (Director for LAC, SPTF)


  • Dr. Susana Martinez-Restrepo (CEO, Core Woman)
  • Caitlin Scott (Chief Strategy Officer, Friendship Bridge)
  • Victor Contreras (Director of Employee Services, Friendship Bridge)

Read ‘ Human Resource Development Practices in the Microfinance Sector ‘

Time: 4:00 PM CEST | 10:00 AM EST

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022