IMAGINE Social Good Conference

IMAGINE unites students who have committed themselves to building a more just and livable world. Whether you are already involved in an organization, or looking for ways to become involved, #IMAGINE18 brings together world-class speakers and experienced experts with motivated students to both educate and inspire one another!

IMAGINE Social Good (IMAGINE) is a gathering of some of the most inspiring human beings on the planet. We are coming together in Richmond, Virginia to convene, converse, and create diverse coalitions of change-making individuals who are committed to building a more just and livable world.

The weekend consists of main-stage events with keynote speakers that are attended by everyone, breakout sessions where student teams present their work to panels of experts, a Hacks for Humanity marathon, inspiring workshops and multiple moments to meet, listen to and learn from one another.

IMAGINE (the Summit) was founded by Shawn Humphrey, the Blue Collar Professor and Change-Maker in Residence at Virginia Commonwealth University’s da Vinci Center. IMAGINE Social Good was founded by Dan Morrison, Shawn’s long-time friend and kick ass collaborator.

Location: Richmond, VA

Dates: March 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018