Impact Capitalism Train Stop Tour

Big Path Capital is proud to present the Impact Capitalism Train Stop Tour: a national tour in select cities and regions to advance the impact investing discussion locally, regionally, and beyond. Big Path Capital is convening a series of conversations across the country around how impact investors can contribute to the long-term health and prosperity within their respective regions.

We invite you to join the discussion and help connect the dots between the place that we live and those who are committed to generating substantial yet sustainable financial results alongside vitally important social and environmental benefits. We call this Smartermoney+. The train stop tour is designed for family offices, family principals, and private foundations & executive staff directly involved in investment decision-making, who are exploring new ways to align assets and mission. We invite you to join the discussion.

Location: San Diego/Palo Alto, California

Dates: February 10, 2016 - February 11, 2016