ImpactAssets Impact Investing Lab: A Case Study in Aligning Your Investments with Your Giving

Your philanthropy can have a greater impact on the world — through impact investing. The ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund makes it easy for you to not only give to charity, but also to invest those dollars in the impact areas you care about most. Join us for a special conversation with philanthropist, investor and ImpactAssets client, Claire Raffel, and hear about her impact journey to date. Passionate about climate justice, Claire and her husband Dave use their philanthropic capital to both invest in and grant to companies and impact funds that are accelerating a just energy transition, with a focus on ensuring that communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis benefit from and have ownership in the transition to a net-zero world. On May 22, Claire will sit down with the ImpactAssets engagement team to share insights on: • Getting started with impact investing, from a philanthropist’s point of view • The role of grants vs. investments in advancing personal (and family) climate goals • How DAFs can invest in a wide range of impact areas, investment structures and asset classes — from catalyzing early stage companies to scaling proven technologies • Building a thematic investment portfolio utilizing the ImpactAssets Investment Platform and client recommended investment service Whether you have an existing ImpactAssets Donor Advised Fund and are interested in expanding your impact, or if you are new to ImpactAssets and want to learn from peers about how impact investments can enhance your philanthropy and align with your values — join us!

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024