Impacto 2018 – Brazilian Impact Investing Forum

Impacto 2018 offers a full day of discussions and networking around impact investing in Brazil and around the world. Hosted by ABVCAP, ANDE and IDB-MIF, the event will bring together Brazilian and international investors and other players to discuss the most pressing questions facing this emerging sector.

Topics to be explored

  • National and global trends in impact investing
  • Difficulties faced, and solutions developed by investors
  • Impact measurement in impact investing
  • Key sectors for investment in Brazil

Participant profile

The Forum is aimed primarily at:

  • Private Equity, Venture Capital and Seed Capital funds
  • Institutional investors and Family offices
  • Corporate ventures
  • Development agencies and public-sector organizations
  • Multilateral investment institutions
  • Accelerators, angel investors, and researchers

Impact Investing

Brazil has experienced many advances in recent decades, most importantly lifting a significant number of people out of poverty. Despite this, millions of Brazilians still lack access to quality education and healthcare, live in unsafe housing, or do not have a bank account. At the same time, we continue to see the destruction of the natural environment, through deforestation and pollution.

As a response to these challenges, more and more investors are seeking opportunities to create positive social and/or environmental impact through their investments, without compromising on potential financial returns. It is estimated that total AUM destined for such “impact investing” globally is more than US$ 110 billion, and Brazil is following this trend. In 2014 e 2015, funds allocated a total of US$ 1.3 billion for impact investing in Latin America, according to research from ANDE and ABVCAP, and Brazil was the second largest market in the region.

How do impact investors guarantee financial return and a more prosperous future for society and the planet? Can we consider impact investing as an appropriate tool to help Brazil achieve great social and environmental sustainability? What needs to be done to increase the volume of impact investments in the country?

At the inaugural edition of the Impact Investing Forum, international and Brazilian investors will meet to respond to these questions, and to discuss the future of impact investing do in Brazil and globally.

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018