Informal Special Event: Water Leadership: Uniting for a Sustainable World


The UN 2023 Water Conference can become a watershed moment in accelerating the global efforts towards the protection and promotion of the rights to safe water and sanitation, a water secure world and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, this will only happen if the Conference successfully facilitates long-term engagement of underrepresented groups across the water sector and with decision makers.

In particular, the Special Event on Water Leadership: Uniting for a Sustainable World will focus on developing mechanisms and opportunities to ensure that the voices of youth, women, local authorities, Indigenous Peoples, and discriminated and marginalized communities, are appropriately reflected and integrated into all aspects of water leadership at the local, regional and global levels. All people are impacted by, and impact on, our planet. Thus, all people must have a role in contributing to a sustainable future.

This Special Event is designed to determine actionable commitments that each participant can implement to support critical engagement with underrepresented groups. It will co-create inclusive leadership mechanisms for the follow-up and monitoring of the Water Action Agenda that will put at the forefront the voices of marginalized communities. It will identify priority intergenerational, intersectoral, gender and geographically inclusive partnerships and commitments to scale up engagement. In doing so, the event shall recognise the need to expand financing mechanisms with strong accountability, especially federal and state funding to invest in youth education and innovation.

The Event will also inspire cooperation and unity across the water sector and across our world. All Member States and all sectors, including the private sector, public sector, civil society, academia, multilateral organizations, NGOs, among others, are invited to participate. It will showcase how together, we can #FillUpTheGlass.

The coordinating partners of this Event include:

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Time: 10:00 AM

Location: New York, New York

Date: Friday, March 24, 2023