Innovation at the Forefront of COP28 Scaling Resilient Climate Solutions

As COP28’s pivotal week commences, the “Scaling Resilient Climate Solutions” Forum is set to unite trailblazing organizations at the forefront of climate tech innovation.

This dynamic forum will facilitate in-depth conversations on contemporary resilience challenges, effective models for scaling technology, the role of AI in climate action, and groundbreaking announcements from diverse partners.

The event serves as a convergence point for government bodies, non-profit entities, multinational corporations, and cutting-edge companies, all sharing one stage to explore the critical significance of fostering resilient climate tech enterprises.

Join us as we kick off the week with this transformative event, providing a unique opportunity to connect with key influencers and stakeholders shaping the future of climate technology at COP28.

Location: Green Zone

Date: Sunday, December 3, 2023