Investing for Impact: 2020 Vision

Investing for Impact ‘2020 vision’ will explore how after years of advocacy to become mainstream, the impact investment community now faces a different challenge: as more institutions and actors pile in, there is a growing fog and confusion about what impact investing really means, and how it intersects and overlaps with other linked domains like sustainable finance. Long-time impact investment voices also worry that charlatans are moving in, offering products with questionable impact credentials.

Who are the real deal socially conscious visionaries who have a plan to save or upgrade capitalism? What do they have to say to the sceptics that already dismissed social impact investing as a public relations exercise for an industry with a poor image? How to separate and capitalise on the authentic desire to do good from plain salesmanship rhetoric?

The Economist Events’ Investing for Impact summit returns to its fourth year in New York to take stock of an eventful time for the industry, to examine how it can deepen its reach, learn from failures and roadblocks, and leverage the latest developments in technology. We will dissect and analyse interlinked issues including the emergence of a new generation of young investors; the rise of fintech, robo-advisors and digital finance platforms, and the implications of political fragmentation.

We will convene, under the chairmanship of Economist editors, leading financiers, institutional investors, policymakers, academics, impact investors and philanthropies to also discuss and debate how large-scale financial institutions are thinking about their impact ventures, the rising investor appeal of disruptive environmental technologies, from renewable energy to alternative protein, and the alignments between faith-based investing and social impact.


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Location: New York, NY

Date: Thursday, February 13, 2020