Investing in Nature Through the Public Equity Markets

Businesses directly impact biodiversity through their operations and supply chains. According to the World Economic Forum, three socio-economic production and consumption systems — food, infrastructure, and energy — are responsible for the largest pressures on biodiversity. In fact, approximately 80% of threatened and near-threatened species are currently endangered by these three systems with the impacts from food, land, and ocean use posing by far the greatest biodiversity threat. Accordingly, those companies that recognize the biodiversity-related risks to their companies and our planet, and actively work to transform their business models to support the regeneration of nature, can provide compelling investment opportunities for capital market participants. Through investment in solution-oriented companies operating in these three socio-economic systems, investors can help transform individual industries, build a more robust global economy and, ultimately, ensure the vitality of our planet.

— From Investing in Nature Through the Public Equity Markets

Join them for a Deep Dive with Vicki Benjamin, Andrew Niebler and Robert Clapham, authors of the IE Magazine article Investing in Nature Through the Public Equity Markets.

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