ISHOW USA: Innovation Showcase

The competition is open to individuals and organizations taking physical products to market that will have a social impact. Whether you are selling your product directly to customers or employing a service-model to drive accessibility, we want to hear about your idea. Applicants should have an existing prototype and be interested in receiving financing, technical support and access to industry networks to assist in taking their product to market.

Participants will receive feedback on their idea, access to industry best practice and contact with a global community of engineering experts. 30 finalists will pitch to the judges in person (ASME will provide travel grants towards the cost of travel) and will receive product exposure, advice and technical insights. 9 innovators will win a share of $500k in prizes – including an extensive design and engineering review by a panel of experts. Winners become part of the ISHOW alumni network, a global community of hardware innovators with exclusive access to experts and resources.

Taking a physical product to market to solve a social or environmental problem by utilizing a sustainable business model. You may have heard of social entrepreneurship, impact investing, inclusive business or social innovation, “hardware led social innovation” is similar but we are focused specifically on the design and engineering journey of ventures. We have curated 8 themes we focus on – water & sanitation, energy, environment, food & agriculture, economic development & community empowerment, safety and education. Past ISHOW winners and DEMAND case studies give practical examples of “hardware led social innovation”.

Location: Washington, DC

Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017