Launch of Landscape Restoration Guidebook for Planners and Practitioners

Join this virtual webinar for launch of the new Guidebook titled ‘Step-by-Step Guide for Restoration Planners and Practitioners’. This Guidebook by World Resources Institute (WRI) presents a step-by-step process for planning and implementing a landscape approach to restoration projects. It identifies five essential stages of restoration projects – Scope, Design, Finance, Implement, and Monitor – each outlined with key steps and a checklist to help planners and practitioners to track their progress and ensure that each topic has been taken into consideration before launching into a new project. These checklists can be adapted and implemented by planners and practitioners in a variety of ecosystems, including grasslands, pasturelands, farmlands, coastal zones, wetlands, and peatlands. Learn how this Restoration Guidebook can effectively support restoration planners and practitioners from a distinguished panel of experts!

Location: Virtual

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024