Maximize Your Impact With Stakeholder Engagement

Digital technologies have enormous potential to affect large-scale change in low-income countries, particularly when it comes to increasing access to and usage of financial services. Recognizing the critical relationship between technology and economic opportunity, Accion Global Advisory Solutions works with financial service providers to bring meaningful digital products and services to micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) globally.

Even with mobile penetration on the rise, not all MSMEs have the same needs; just because digital products are available does not mean MSMEs will avail them. Furthermore, while there is some evidence about the benefits of digital adoption on business growth and financial health, there is limited evidence to compare impact outcomes across different digital product types.

Recognizing these measurement challenges, Accion developed the MSME Digital Maturity and Product Impact Assessment in 2020. Accion is currently using this framework to implement a longitudinal study across seven countries to understand better how digital products impact customers’ lives.

They’re thrilled to have Emma Morse, the author of the tool, join them to discuss how Accion is leveraging the assessment to glean important insights about MSMEs. Emma will also touch on the importance of stakeholder engagement in designing and executing impact evaluations.

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2021